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That's what Alisha's grandfather said after letting a gigantic fart rip tonight. No, it wasn't so gigantic that I could hear it from El Paso, Lishy's family is in town. We've been hanging out with them the past two days, and it has further reaffirmed my belief that I want kids, but moreso, I want someone else to take care of 'em. We've played with her cousins Christina and Eric for about an hour both tonight and yesterday, and I've never felt more worn out. It might have also had something to do with the fact that we've had.. I'VE had two papers to write (Techincally, one to write, and one to dictate, but anyway), and a test to study for. But yeah, I blame the kids.

As I said, we had a test today, and it was in the worst class ever, HISTORY OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION... or as I like to call it, "Things pertaining to Greece and Egypt that Professor Eberly likes but no one else has a clue about". Our prof, who talks like Kermit the frog, hands out these sheets of terms and places, saying that if we study them, we'll have no trouble on the tests. Well, I woke up at about 2pm today, and didn't have a clue about Ephocles and Lyceneans, and 2 hours later, when it was time to take the test... well, I still didn't have much of an idea what they were, but it turned out it didn't really matter. This test, which by the way, was ALL ESSAYS, had nothing to do with anything we were told to study, and was mainly about how some Roman soldiers dressed and the elephants of the Persian army. Hmm. I think we're being taught history by a gay man with a beastiality fetish. Anyway, as I've been bitchin' about, I'm tired. G'night, and leave a comment if you're reading this. Look forward to hearing from you, Alisha! ;p
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