Obnoxiously cute (chiclets) wrote,
Obnoxiously cute

This is sure to be boring, but...

As you all know, Alisha made a whole new layout for her LJ yesterday. What you may not know is that while she was on the computer all day, I was finally getting around to playing Suikoden III for the PS2. Well, what I mean by "playing" is sitting in front of the tv for 16 hours. It was great, though, and if you like traditional RPGs, I highly reccommend it.

It's Sunday, and you know what THAT means... Yup, it's just like Saturday, 'cept it has good TV shows. Sopranos and Deadwood come on tonight, and I look forward to them all week. You see, when you don't have a job, these simple pleasures are some o' the best parts o' the week. But seriously, I'm dissapointed in the state of TV nowadays. We went without cable for about 6 months, only getting it when the Sopranos (WOOHOO!)
reyturned to HBO.

Cable costs 95 dollars a month, which is an ungodly amount of money. Of course, that's when you factor in the cable modem. It's still way too much, though,when you consider the lack of good programming on right now. All we watch are Chapelle's Show, South Park, Sopranos and Deadwood. 4 shows for a hundred bucks? I like em, but they aren't worth 25 bucks each! Weeknights I find myself watching Nick At Nite more than anything, and it just further reaffirms my belief that TV has endured a steady downfall. Not one big enough so that between seasons EVERYTHING on TV went to hell, oh no. It took about 10 years if I'm right. Anyway, you guys go off and watch The Bernie Mac show. I'll be right here watchin' Bill Cosby.
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