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Obnoxiously cute

Thank God for Mike

I know it's been a long time since I've updated, and as such, I'm about to do something that no Livejournal has ever done before...


Okay, a little backstory is necessary, 'cuz kitties don't just drop out of the sky (Though it would be very cute if they did). My shoe broke this morning, so Lish and I went on an expedition to get some expensive ass sandals (read: Birkenstocks), and on this perilous journey, we received a call from our good buddy Mike. He was calling to let us know that the kittens his cat had 3-4 weeks ago were ready to move out of their parent's house. We raced over to his place, but right before we pulled into the driveway, we were confronted by a chainsaw-wielding maniac.

"Hey guys!" the maniac said. "Just trimming my hedges!" The obligatory "What's up" was exchanged, daps were given, and Lish and I were ushered inside the Lair of Mike. Anyway, he tells us that he's keeping the wispy grey kitty, and this orange sherbet looking one was already promised to someone, so we look at the cats that still need homes. I immediately pick this brown tiger striped one with orange behind it's ears, and Alisha picks the one that acts like it's mom. A total asshole, that is. Anyway, I'm getting long-winded, none of you want to read this anyway, and I have pictures of kittens to show. Also, I can't type anymore because the kittens are sleeping on the bed... where Alisha decided it would be a good idea to let some hamsters loose and scream "Get the mouse!" The kittens woke up for a sec, got pissed at Lish, and went back to sleep.

To cut to the chase, enjoy the pictures of Veronica Vandercat (blue collar) and Yunalesca Steppenwolf (green collar).

This is MY baby
A bed induced Kitty-coma
The way they've been for the past 2 hours
In front of the firing squad
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