Obnoxiously cute (chiclets) wrote,
Obnoxiously cute


Hi. It's come to my attention that though Shaun Johnson and myself went out of our way to take the gayest pictures humanly possible, not one of you curmudgeonly fucks has bothered to comment on them. Don't pretend you don't know where they are, or that you haven't seen them. I know you have, so what's the problem? Words not yet invented bold enough to describe our galavanting? Can't be arsed to reply? I, myself post in this goddamn thing once every few months, just so the internet remains interesting and so that everyone on the face of the Earth doesn't cancel their ISP subscriptions at once, creating a big explosion and tidal wave of poop. You know that tsunami that killed all those people that everyone's pretending to care about right now? Yeah. That was because I haven't posted in so long. Alright everyone, I know I don't have to, but I'm gonna spell it out... To avoid a sequel to 9-11, directed by Jerry Bruckheimer, you absolutely have to comment on those pictures. They're on dumbcat's LJ. Go there now, and do what you need to do.

Also, it's black history month. In New Mexico, it seems that the locals have taken it as "Make Blacks History" month, and are now preparing genocidal techniques that they are willing to unleash at any moment.
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