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With nothing left to call my own and a birthday over my head

I find myself somehow happy. Don't ask why, the realization that I haven't looked forward to my birthday all year and still don't, even though it's... yep, today, has been keeping me down for most of Monday. I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, but I can't quit feeling like it's just another day. I guess this is what bein' old feels like. Oh well, knowing Virginia, I'll spend a lot of tomorrow with my parents, then hang out with Ron and Jordan and my whole little adopted family over in that bug infested trailer. Also, I should be closing on my brand new house shortly, but that isn't really making me feel better. All in all, today sucks, and with no prospects, it looks like the rest of the year will, too.

But on a lighter note, I bought a new Bic. Oh, puns, how I love thee.

I want to type more, but there's nothing important to say, so that terrible lighter joke is the cutoff for meaningful internet. Reading beyond this point guarantees pointless rambling.

Still here? Ok, well, now that I've got your attention, I'm going to have a bowl . . . of cereal, I PROMISE *wink* . . . and go to bed. Because I'm quite bitter hearted as of late, and my ranting might get unnecessarily mean, which means I should prolly just reply to some people on my friendslist. Which means I'ma go blow up Leah's LJ. HOLLA
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