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121 weeks

Wow, it's been awhile since I worthlessly recorded my thoughts. I have, in the time elapsed, gotten two degrees, one great job, and a nice lil' beer gut (which is finally going away) thanks to my "ever-so-slightly-alcoholic-as-shit" phase. Not that I regret that phase, it was full of new friends (such as Aidan, Tilt-A-Whirl operator extraordinaire) and hilarity (me, drunk as hell and butt naked, peeing all over the kitty condo/Cera getting me to take a giant gulp out of a bottle that was at least half my urine and filled out with red gatorade), but jeez. I also gained a totally "Eastern Bloc Terrorist" scar up the length of my right arm courtesy of Ms. Bearencroft, and some rather long, unmanageable hair. It's always fun when your hair's longer than your mom's, right?

Anyway, I'm rather comfy at the moment, and my branches are blooming beautifully, if I do type so myself. The "secret band" is coming along slowly but surely, and while we haven't worked on much of our own material, we've done some killer covers, if you'll pardon my humble ass for saying so. The script is an even slower affair due to my perfectionism, but I'm working on it at my own pace, and I know when it's done that it'll at least be worth a read. Everyone I've explained the premise to has loved it, which surprised me, as it's a rather strange perspective on a pretty constant theme in everyday life. Alas, since they have become so enamored with the thing, I'm kinda-sorta obligated to work on it.  As conflicted as I am to admit it, I really like the premise, too. I just don't think I'll ever do it justice, and at it's core, it's a love story, which is rather foreign territory for me.

My cluster headaches have done nothing but worsen, but hopefully the latest endeavor towards finding the end of this phenomena will prove to be permanent. For those of you who don't know what cluster headaches are, they are, most basically, the evolution of the migraine. A very small percentage of the population is affected by these things, and ninety-five percent of them have these headaches for about three weeks to a month and a half straight, and then no headaches at all until next year, when the cluster headaches return. I'm in the other 5 percent- I get four or so of these things a day, and depending on the gender of the neurologist you speak to, they'll compare cluster headaches to either natural childbirth or amputation without anesthetic.

Anyhow, I'm going on and on, and I have a few points to make, I 'spose. My roommate and incredibly good friend sara/cera has had an awful week and been in a terrible mood, because of a man that most call Fike. Not that he isn't a cool cat, but Sa/Cera can do sooo much better that it actually pains ME, a sociopathic prick, to see her as she's been lately. I wouldn't dare say this to her/you face to face, because it would a)require walking about 20-25 feet, and b)not being an absolute jackass, so here we go. You need to cheer up, toots. You honestly have nothing to be sad about at this point, and everyone around you enjoys hanging out a whole lot more when Ms. Gloomypants isn't around. Seriously, dude, I know you're down about damn near everything right now, but you REALLY don't need to be. Onward and upwards, darlin- first star to the right and such. also, while I'm on the subject, did you get the pics of you me and David singing in the cowboy hats on your B-Day, or do I need to ask Kacey about 'em? Don't reply to this, I won't read it, just walk the 20 feet. ;p

On another note, operation sidekick is going swimmingly, as Male Model Justin has a few gigs lined up in H-wood, and has requested that I travel with him. While this would probably be a good idea no matter what, given the timing, I'll have to decide between this and filming "Culture Shock" this summer. I would really like to go to Japan with Dave and see the Sakura festival/film our travelogue (trip to Japan with no prep [no hotel, no job, no map, no idea of how to speak the language, stay for a month, see what happens]). The backup Youtube series is at the moment a glimmer in the eye, so to speak, but it, too, has an interesting theme behind it, and who knows? SOME people might like it, so look for the first episode in the next three months.

Anyway, there's no point to this, but goddammit, I, for some reason, felt like typing this shit up.
 I hope all of you are having a fantastic time with this little game we call Life. Good evening.                          
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